Words from the chairman

Words from the chairman

For more than 10 years, Egypt Cable "ECM" has been the leading provider of a wide range of electrical cables. We've been a part of some historic projects, landmarks, and mega industrial facilities in Egypt and the MENA region, for which we pride ourselves. Everyone in this company knows that it is his/her own achievement, and it wouldn't be possible without their hard work and dedication.

We've swiftly become one of the market leaders, but it's a rapidly changing world.

In this fast-paced data-driven world we live in, we have to keep developing to stand the competition. That's why we keep expanding our resources, improving our machinery, training our calibers, and exploring new trends & technologies. All these changes might be overwhelming if there are no clear house-rules to govern.

Our house-rules define who we are. We produce cables; we see them as arteries giving life to civilization; that's why we don't compromise quality for whatsoever reason. Quality as a holistic approach, not a phase in production, starts in the R&D and ends at the delivery. It's our DNA; it directed us to reach this level and will stay as our number one rule for years to come.



Esmat El Sayad
Chairman & CEO