About us

About us

Our story

Egypt Cable “ECM” was founded in 2003, and from the very first moment, it has become a coherent blend between the ambition and openness of youth, and the sophistication and wisdom of industry experts.

When Mr. Esmat El Sayad joined as a main shareholder, he had brought the deep-rooted tradition of success of El-Sayad group which was formed in 1935. Since then, we have grown to become one of the leading cable manufacturers in the Middle East with a strong production growth profile for the coming years.

With our proven ability to produce the best quality products, with the highest value for money, and in the accurate time. We continue as one of the strongest players, able to capitalize on future growth.


Our vision

To lead the Egyptian and Middle East markets to a whole new industrial level by excelling what we do. Cable manufacturing.

Our mission

To continue producing quality cables with international standards whilst ensuring efficient & timely delivery of cables. To fulfill the region's needs and go global.



Our values:

Quality: We don’t compromise over quality in any phase of the process.
Environment: We act responsibly with our surroundings.
People: We consider employees’ rights a fundamental value throughout the organization
Partnership: We see our clients as long-term partners we care about their success.
Commitment: We accept our individual and collective responsibilities and meet our obligations.
Consistency: We believe that success is nothing if it’s not consistent.  
Accountability: When we promise, we deliver, no matter what the cost



  1. Expanding in distribution of the company products, through utilizing growth opportunities in local & global markets.
  2. Ensuring international quality standards (ISO 9001:2008)
  3. Establishing distinguished relations with our customers.